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Methodology finder – Informative legislative policies

What sector is the policy targeting? Please choose from the sectors below.

The combinations of policy types and sectors that occur most often have been described in 30 policy – sector – method combinations. For some cases for which no such description exists, fallback methodologies have been selected as possible alternatives for evaluating comparable policies in different sectors.

  • Buildings / residential (all dwelling types: houses, apartments)
  • Buildings / non-residential (e.g. offices, stores, hospitals, schools)
  • Household appliances (e.g. fridges, washing machines, lighting)
  • Services / other (devices used for production in the services sector other than the buildings)
    Fallback methodology: household appliances / diffusion indicators [GUIDE 7]
  • Industry / specific (energy-intensive production processes, e.g. steel production)
  • Industry / general (devices for production)
  • Agriculture (mainly horticulture)
  • Transport / persons (passenger cars)
  • Transport / freight (trucks and other freight logistics)