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  • Diffusion indicators [GUIDE 7]
    Diffusion indicators show the penetration of specific saving actions. In the case of dwellings this could be the number of high efficiency boilers or the fraction of dwellings with roof insulation. The indicator in this case generally covers the national stock of dwellings, but separate indicators may be used per type of dwelling. The indicator is calculated yearly on the basis of statistical or other sources. The yearly change is used to calculate the savings for that year. The indicator concerns the number of actions but does not provide information on the unitary savings per saving action.

Evaluation methodology comparison table

Evaluation method Pros & cons Method characteristics Required input data
  Pro Con Savings output Aggregation level Application (ex-ante/ex-post) Energy use before and after actions Number of energy saving actions Energy saved per action Normalisation factors Gross-to-net adjustments
Diffusion indicator Easy Only for uniform systems Number of actions Bottom-up Ex-post only No (see deemed savings as complementary method) From penetration rate per year Yes, from complementary method See deemed savings as complementary method E.g. free riders (in number of actions)